Vans Skate Centre

Student Artwork  Vans Skate Centre


A common stigma of people mindset do looks down the extreme sport of skateboarding in which youth are mostly involved. Skateboarding is one of the most popular recreational sport, but very little maintenance at the skate park because mostly are outdoor which degrades and rusts the obstacles. Thus, without a proper place to skate and grind, this could make the skate enthusiast playing at the street freely and destroying the property.

As the children needs an informality of playground, Vans Skate Centre could enhance their skill and give more opportunity for them to further embracement for themselves as a carrier and not just a hobby to play with. This building creates an informal educational playground for them, not just playing but learning the new experience between physical and mental preparation. It gave the attraction for the society especially the parents, it is hard to convince them but once they have the trust, they give more choice to their children.

Other than that, skateboarding became the medium to connect with kids to realize their potential. Skateboarding also could be considered as a process for rethinking architectures that manifold possibilities and creates maps composed from the opportunities offered by the physical and emotional contours of the city. Skater do not see as typical pedestrian, but alive to the possibility of space and a collection of tactile surfaces to be jumped on.

By enhancing the pop culture of skateboarding to connect with the communities and the motion through architectural urban space in Sultan Ismail streets and it’s surrounding through physical experience, the positive attraction and societies mindset towards educational playground of skateboarding can be achieved by understanding the street children’s behavior and spatial movement involved around the area. Besides that, as Revit architecture became the tools for reimagining towards the dream, design, and better understanding, it is all possible to create complexity without any limitation, such as the flow of the skater’s movement into an architectural scheme.

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