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TOR can crusher was designed to understand the fundamental knowledge of design and mechanism by using gear system and its simple mechanism property. Before there is any can crusher invented in this world, people only crush cans by stepping on it after finishing their drinks. Most of the cans crushed by foot stepping are not symmetrically flat and thus it will look messy. If the can is not flat enough when it is crushed, the can will produce sharp edge that will harm and injure people. Hence, in order to crush the can as flat as possible and save some space in the recycle bin, this project is carried out. Other than that, this machine can be placed at any required spaces either at home or public places.

There are a lot of advantages if the can crusher is used before the can is thrown into the recycle bin. First of all, a can crusher helps to reduce the pollution of the environment. Hence, this helps the people to live in a better and clean environment by maximizing the capacity of the recycle bin provided. The motor of this machine can be powered by solar or electrical energy. Solar energy can be used during the day while electric energy used at night which is had been charged during the day. Besides that, this can crusher is motor powered to crush the aluminium cans where it is does not require manpower. In this project, we had make an improvement on the current mechanical can crusher available in the market so that when the can is crushed, it will be as flat as possible in order to reduce space in the recycle bin before the can is thrown.

This design is done so that all of the cans can be crushed by anyone even a children or an old man without being injured. In this design project, there are a lot of mechanical components involved such as, ball bearing, pulley, and belt, which used as parts of the can crusher. After turning on the machine, the wheels will rotate and will flatten cans which are inserted in between the wheels. Then, the flattened cans will straight away into a basket under the machine. Autodesk Fusion 360 was used in the making of the model and the animation of the model.


Intermediate, Industrial Design

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