The Terse House

Student Artwork  The Terse House


 As we are approaching vision 2020, which was introduced by our former Prime Minster, Tun Mahathir Muhammad, we have been aggressively stomping our marks in the
development of built environment. We are being fed with futuristic development features where flying cars and cloud-piercing sky scrapers become our priorities, giving
less focus on humanity. With more than 7 billion people living in this planet, ignoring the humanistic values in the architectural design may cause catastrophic effect in the
long run.

Adopting resilient architecture in big cities may be one of the solutions to this problem. Resilience in architecture emphasizes on the interaction between the architectural
design and the surroundings, be it the natural environment, social relationship, and economics condition. Big city like Kuala Lumpur is in constant development with some
unplanned development that may result in architectural error. This flaw will spawn series of problems towards community, once it is built.

The Terse House (TTH) is designed with humanistic architecture. The term ‘terse’ is defined as short and sweet. The concept is to deliver a house that is small in scale but
packed with benefits towards the surrounding providing resilient features to connect the tenants with the natural surroundings.

TTH intends not to just provide a comfortable habitat for the occupants but also as an educational tool for locals and policy makers to understand the importance of resilient
architecture in city development. With this in mind, TTH promotes the stunning ideas of beautiful humanistic values to be embedded into the city development.



Intermediate, Architecture

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