The Stronghold

Student Artwork  The Stronghold


The stronghold is built to provide a secure and long lasting habitat for its residents. The design is based on a contemporary living concept with a match of a spiritual welfare. The intention of this design is to secure a long lasting habitat for the resident during natural disaster. The design comes together with the green building technology namely the solar panel, rain water harvesting system, natural ventilation, natural lighting and solar sun shade device.

It is interesting to note that the solar panel has a unique design and is being positioned in such a way that it will also serve as a sunshade. It helps to reduce the amount of direct
sunlight penetrating into the house, thus keep the living space in a desirable temperature. The water harvesting system is designed in such a way to take advantage of the
abundance of rainfalls in Malaysia.

The automatic louvres panel is placed on the top part of the wall which allows hot air to be released from the inside of the house. The green wall is beautifully placed under the solar panel which serves as an element of ecoarchitecture. Natural ventilation is designed with multiple small holed panels connected to the floor, attracting cooler air into the house. Hot air in the house will be sent out through the ventilation hole on the top side of the wall.

The elevated floor of the house is suitable to be built in the flood-prone area where household appliance and furniture can be saved from being ruined by the flood water.

Intermediate, Architecture

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