St Race Car

Student Artwork  St Race Car


Created and Drawn with Fusion 360, the ST Race Car is an innovative and unique in its own way. With the idea of allowing the racer to turn at extreme angles without slowing down the vehicle, the ST Race Car uses a remarkable Mid Steering System. The mechanics of the Mid Steering System comprise of a high torque and high-speed servo motor that allows a smooth, fast and precise wheel turning on track. Since the servo joint is in the center of the car, turning radius is able to be kept to a minimum and allows even extreme turning such as U-turn. Comparing to the usual race car, the ST has an adjustable steering and seat that allows the driver to adjust to his preference.

Besides that, the legroom is greatly improved since the mid-steering mechanism is being transferred to the back instead of the front. With Fusion 360, the joints are able to be simulated and diagnose properly because of the presence of the model workspace and animation workspace.

With the ST Race Car Call or Clamp & Lock Tire system, gone are the old days where time are wasted in the pit stop. Comparing to usual race cars, the Clamp & Lock Tire systems are fast, screwless and significantly efficient than general tire changing that uses screws and nuts. With the embedded system on the racer’s view, changing the tires can be done by just pressing a button that releases the damper and attaching the fresh tires in the pit stop With Fusion 360, parts of the clamp can be zooming and simulated to move properly before the parts are being put into production.

With a whole new design of Plug n’ Go Fuel Tank Design, the time requires for the ST Race Car refueling at the pit stop will be significantly reduced. As the design uses a concept of “plug in and plug out”, the required tools for changing are just the refueled tank. As for the cockpit and race car canopy area, the ST Race Car different approach when it. The ST Race Car uses an Aircraft Cockpit Canopy design that allows the driver to be extracted easily in the event of an accident, the aerodynamic curvature of the glass design allows very least air resistance during high speed. For safety, the ST Race Car is equipped with a chemically enhance UV resistance tempered glass that does not shatter in the event of an accident. Besides that, a standard SRS airbag is also being incorporate into the steering that inflates when an accident happens. With simulation workspace, the stress and strain of the body design can be simulated and studied properly. If any problems arise, it can be counter much earlier at fewer costs rather than solving the problem after fabrication. Besides that, by using Autodesk’s A360 cloud rendering tools, the graphical design closer to reality.


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