SRD Drone

Student Artwork  SRD Drone


 SRD Drone is a SAR unit that is equipped with a complete Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system to control and maneuver the drone using the electromagnetic field.
Perfectly named as SRD, it serves to Secure, Rescue, and Defense the distressed victims who are in imminent danger.

Equipped with a complex and sophisticated facility, such as first aid box, caliber machinegun, oxygen tank, camera, microphone and speaker, it is capable to operate up to 7
hours non-stop. As this machine is designed for a search and rescue operation whether in man-made disaster, or natural disaster, it is equipped with a bulletproof body as well as
fireproof to shield victims who take cover behind the craft when someone is shooting.

In ensuring efficiency in its operation, it is also made waterproof to suit the weather in a country like Malaysia, where rain is expected all year long.

  In order to ensure an effective search operation, the camera is capable of recording 4K Ultra HD video with night vision and infrared. This will make a search over the dark night
possible and shall give hope to the distressed victims of being found alive.

Coupled with the heat thermal imaging sensor, the drone is able to scan and detect victims who are still alive. To further help the night operation, the craft is installed with
Ultra Laser light which is brighter and longer in distance than the normal LED light.

This craft uses Lithium ion batteries that can be fully charged in 2 hours and can be repeatedly charged after the 7 hours of use.


Intermediate, Manufacturing

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