Smart Wheelchair

Student Artwork  Smart Wheelchair


We propose to develop a smart wheelchair whereby the terms “smart” is define as a power wheelchair whose motion is mediated which is aware of the environment and collaborate with the user to achieve the mobility goal and avoid dangerous situation. Basically, the smart wheelchair is designed with an upgraded function that is suitable to the user. In ergonomic side, the wheelchair’s seat can be move to the back and front to give comfort to user and perform sleeping and relaxing sitting posture.

Next, the smart wheelchair has a modifiable arm rest that can be set to any high. Besides that, the additional feature is having foot rest that will not only support the foot but also the leg so it can reduce fatigue on the leg and foot also hinge pain. Furthermore, the movement of the wheelchair can be generated automatically by using remote control and the remote control have compartment to hold things for convenient.

In addition, the wheelchair consist of two wheel of different function. The first wheel is used for a movement on a usual road. The second wheel is used for extra ordinary movement such as climbing the stairs and easy to pass through a drain. Basically, the remote control is designed have sub-function where it can used for disable people to put their smartphone on it and can charging their smartphone as well. It is quite easy for them to use it. To preserve the world, eco-friendly was implemented in our design. Casting process is used to reduce waste. The seat was made from reuse material and the leather, tire and metal is from recycle materials.

The smart wheelchair is designed by using 3D Max software because it contains so many complicated parts. The software was chosen as it is an Autodesk product that is designed to be a powerful 3D Modelling software with an integrated, parameter, and features based CAM module build into the software. Also, it have a render command which enable for a better appearance of the product design. Normally, there are 30 parts that is designed to complete a smart wheelchair. The critical parts is when designing a wheelchair’s seat. It became complicated to build shape of seat because of an ergonomic characteristics should be applied on it. Last but not least, the smart wheelchair is almost suitable for disable people to accomplish many of other activities at any time.


Advanced, Industrial Design

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