Quad Seed

Student Artwork  Quad Seed


Quad seed, the essence of sustainable living and future bloom. For generations, human has been dependent to energy for sustainable life. However, energy has end to its source. This is where Quadseed comes as global warming solution. Quadseed is inspired to retain the extensively depleting energy resources and modelled to extract maximum renewable energy. At its very core, an ambiguous combination of solar, heat, wind and electromagnetic energy extracting mechanism has made Quadseed a powerful generator.

The natural concept of Quadseed solar panel inspired from national flower of Malaysia; Hibiscus, solar concentration that makes use of the existing resource by focusing rays of sunlight using hyperbolic mirror and modified Savonious’s wind turbine that can utilize any type of wind flow. Along with the electrodynamic bearing; part of high efficiency motor, have outstanding impact to the environment. At any time and direction, Quadseed is able to adapt available renewable energy resources.


Intermediate, Industrial Design

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