Portable Lifter

Student Artwork  Portable Lifter


 During ancient times, people carry loads manually by using nothing but their own strengths. When dealing with heavier loads, this method was found not practical and convenient. People then started to think of ways to ease their jobs by using less energy. When wheel was invented, it developed the idea of building a cart by joining wheels and planks to increase mobility. The idea was later improved as time develops.

 Based on the idea of increasing mobility by using less energy, we have decided to invent a new design of trolley which we named as 'The Portable Lifter'. The aim is quite similar to a normal trolley but it has extra features. Our portable lifter is inspired by the combination of two concepts - trolley and lifting mechanisms. On each side of the trolley is equipped with a pair of tri-wheels joined together along with bearings. The tri-wheels is designed to enable the trolley to move smoothly up and down the stairs with less energy. It can rotate on its axis and change positions between the three wheels which helps up and down movement. Other than that, the trolley is equipped with stretchable seat belts and braking mechanism. The belt is meant to hold the loads in place while the brakes are for safety purposes.



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