Muffler Sustain

Student Artwork  Muffler Sustain


This design is called the “Muffler-Sustain” and the intention of this design is to create something that will help future generation have a sustainable environment. “Muffler-Sustain” is an attachment that comes with various sizes that absorbs heat (at least 100 degrees Celsius). There are three main functions of the “Muffler-Sustain” namely noise reduction, cooling system and power generation. “Muffler-Sustain” will be attached onto the hot surface to conduct heat transfer, as this is a prototype only cylinder type surface is accepted, the material used here is pure copper which have a thermal conductivity of 385.79 W/(mK). One good example of daily products would be the automobile’s exhaust pipe. “Muffler-Sustain”, just like regular exhaust pipe, have the ability to reduce noises from car and motorcycles. Besides that, what so different about this design is that it acts as a heat sink for the exhaust pipe as well. Upon research, average motorcycle header pipe temperature is around 700 – 800 Fahrenheit, which is around (371˚C - 471˚C) that is sufficient to trigger the next function of the “Muffler-Sustain” which is the power generation. This power generation working principle is similar to the nuclear reactor where water was boiled by releasing energy from the atoms. The pressurized steam in “Muffler-Sustain” will then turn the wind turbine to create energy and then condense to water within the closed area of the system so that the liquid can be reused. The liquid used here would be just water as the temperature far exceed water boiling point.




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