Merdeka House

Student Artwork  Merdeka House


 MELAKA, 20 Aug (Malaysiaaktif) – In the midst of basking in the serene atmosphere at Kampung Morten, one home seems more prominent with the Malaysian flag emblazoned on the roof and the word ‘MERDEKA’ (INDEPENDENCE) clearly legible in front of the house.

 Aminah Abu Bakar, 65, the owner of this traditional home, decorated and landscaped full of patriotism, shares her story of a passion inherited from her mother since seven years ago. According to Aminah, her mother paid great attention to the Merdeka celebration since her childhood, and would prepare lots of flags when August arrived.

 “Mom always reminded her children to always be grateful for the peace and tranquillity we enjoy and she would be upset if we hang the flags late,” said Aminah. 

She added that when she was seven years old, her father took her to the Proclamation of Independence Memorial in order to not miss the opportunity to chant independence with the thousands of people who joined.

“Therefore, every August, I would hang flags around the house and if I delay, it will be very upsetting,” she said when met.

According to her, the painting on the roof and colour on the walls have not changed, she just adds decorative flags
around the house.

“I am going to spend as much as RM100 per year to buy flags, and re-use the old flag that are still in good condition.

“I also sew clothing using the flags for my three grandchildren. I really like this kind of thing, and besides, at the same time I can instil the value of patriotism while they are still young, “said Aminah again.

Intermediate, Creative Media Design

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