Loken Bazaar

Student Artwork  Loken Bazaar



Every Sunday starting as early as 7 in the morning, many booths and stalls set up by the vendors along Horley Street of Ipoh to display variety of old, collectibles and antique items. People walk to discover and hunting for their interest in vintage goods along the street. Loken bazaar is a proposed building or complex to cater the needs and at the same time promotes culture and lifestyle in Ipoh.

The main objective of Loken Bazaar is to preserve, present and promote cultural heritage of Ipoh city to diverse audiences and to provide a centre to enhance local community programs while highlighting the unique characters of a city/town and its evolution throughout the years with an architectural style that strike a balance between local cultural heritage and modernity. The Loken Bazaar will consist of spaces for Ipoh heritage cultures and facilities for local community activities with total floor area approximately 800 square metres.


The concept was chosen for this proposal is from a diamond geometry shape that allows for growth and flexibility in the proposed footprint building. Hence, the diamond geometry symbolized as the priceless and special place in Ipoh.


The diamond geometry shape was transform into the roof structure of main spaces of Loken Bazaar; the market place that consist of kiosk, space for food trucks & vendors to park and start set up their booth.

The structure of the roof made from steel and polycarbonate as roof finishes. The roof carefully designed to work with the scale of the existing trees to make it bold and look dominant a Horley Street.

Landscape was created by human interaction with environment, integrated into the building design and help to define the character of the spaces for community was translate into the architecture language.

It is also a very emotionally intense colour. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. In heraldry, A-Burgundy colour is used to indicate courage. So, this colour applied to the exterior wall to highlight the building to make it stand out and bold.



Intermediate, Architecture

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