Local Fruits

Student Artwork  Local Fruits


 3D's animated subject produced entitled local fruits. This animation concept minimalist and simple. Infographic form in use to making presentation style. Target and this project scope is walk of life that tend to choose fruit imports compared to local fruit. Animated  production objective this is aim give statement on local fruit advantage in for infographic to society especially Malaysian society.

In the animated production, between issue that wish to be proposed is on present Malaysian society more tend to choose fruits imports compared to local fruits. This caused by mix him between fruit imports with local fruit in market and mostly Malaysian society more selective fruit imports in cause factor wish to try fresh material because difficult in find out compared to local fruit. Apart from that, lack of exposure on benefit that found in local fruits also became society key factor more selective fruit imports compared to local fruit.

In the animated production, our hope could give realization on issue which arose this so that can provide exposure and educating Malaysian community on benefit contained in local fruits. As Malaysians, we should rank highly local fruits so that it is not forgotten and continue to lose extinct on Malaysian soil.



Advanced, Creative Media Design

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