Student Artwork  Hoverbike


Global warming has causes increase in sea level and expanding desert which is not favourable for modern vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Thus, hoverbike is invented with intention of crossing all kinds of terrain. Hoverbike is basically a motorcycle that travels in mid-air. This invention allow user to cross rocky or uneven terrain, travel on water surface and even capable of flying in the air provided with enough power on its rotor.

Hoverbike is still a developing concept nowadays where there will be problems remain unsolved such as the inability to provide a stable and balanced lift, inability to use in the night due to lack of lighting devices,  noisy operation of the rotors, heavy weighted, lack of compartment space and many more. In order to introduce such product into the market, these problems need to be solved to ensure customer’s safety while improving customer’s lifestyle. Design chosen must also be trendy and fashionable to attract customer attention in presenting such product.

The proposed design stems from the idea of having a flying vehicle that could travel everywhere and escape traffic jam as seen in various movies (Star Wars) and video games. After analysing current product design, we decided to improve the vehicle by using linear synchronous rotor powered by electromagnets for silent operation, adding lamps for illumination during night time or dark places and electronic display windshield for displaying battery level, speed and other information. Other feature in our design includes durable monocell carbon chassis, fully electric vehicle using electric powertrain for charging purposes, ergonomic and comfortable seat for the rider and a trendy design.

Fusion 360 is chosen as our design software for modelling and analysis due to its featured cloud based environment and free of charge. Being first timers, we are greatly encouraged for using this software thanks to its user friendly UI and its ease of use in achieving our goal. This program allows us to create and manage a workgroup for our team which cannot be seen from other software. This improves our teamwork and communication between members as the completed design can be shared inside a dedicated folder in the cloud without having to meet face to face. Various cloud based service provided such as cloud rendering also greatly reduce our time needed to render our product which is generally a very time consuming process. The option of allowing us to modify an object’s mesh structure allow us to produce design with complicated shape in just a short time compared to modelling it traditionally using sketches. A hand-drawn design can be attached onto the workspace as reference for modelling is also a convenient function since this ensures that all modelled parts are in the correct scale and size. The process of modelling our product is done swiftly thanks to various services and function provided in Fusion 360.

Advanced, Industrial Design

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