Homeless Shelter Container

Student Artwork  Homeless Shelter Container


‘Compact living’ the basic concept of designing this shelter is to serve as an assembly place for homeless people as well as to protect them from natural hazard. As we know, there number of homeless guy in Malaysia is increasing. All homeless guys are from different background, different story, different life and different perception towards everything. They are the condition of people without dwelling. Besides, they are unable to acquire regular, safe, secure and adequate housing. No one would choose to live in that way if they were able to overcome the problem.

The issue of homeless in Malaysia reflects the economy of Malaysia which causes many people to lose their jobs due. In fact, government should be providing a shelter for those who needed such as homeless guy or victims that survived through some natural disaster. This is why, a shelter is been designed for these homeless people. We have to concern about the problem due to they are reflecting the image of Malaysia to the tourists from other country. Besides, the reputation of concerning the homeless by providing shelter also can be improved.  

Due to the issues of haze, homeless, practical spaces provided by container are able to give protection, congest to these people. The aim for this container shelter is to gather them instead letting them sojourn at public places, such as in front of shop lot, under the footbridge as well as behind housing alley. Other than that, the index of haze in Malaysia had increased compared with last year. Therefore, health of these people also has to be considered in this compact living shelter.

The trend of using container to build a shelter is increase nowadays; easy construction and the duration of construction are also the main reason instead of using post and beam with higher cost and longer duration to be built. Through the study of Kampong Baru Cina in Malaysia, most of the people like to gather around under a gazebo or any other shelter to chat, play cheese and chill together. They like to live in this way because it makes the get rid the feeling when they are alone. Other than that, stacking up 2 containers may increase the compact space inside. The original vertical steel strip on its façade increases the sense of verticality in Malaysia.

Using container also can propose the element of recycle materials since sustainable architecture is greatly recommended. In order to preserve and conserve, the design do not require materials that is taken from earth originally but recycled from the use of transportation. Furthermore, verticality of planting strips are also attached on the external face of container as the people could have more chance to communicate when they are gathering to take care of the plants. I used Autodesk Revit 2015 for doing the modeling, rendering image and animation video with aid of lumion.


Intermediate, Architecture

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