Student Artwork  GYRO ICU Bed


 GYRO ICU BED is a unique hospital bed suitable for ICU patients requiring critical care. This bed is very advanced as far as the bed-movement technology is concerned, in
order to provide safety and comfort to patients. The main feature of the bed is supported by the three gyro balls which are designed in such a way that they are able to
accommodate the needed movement of patients while in unconscious state or bed-ridden.

The pneumatic powered gyro balls enable it to raise the height of the bed effortlessly. This bed also houses an oxygen tank underneath it to support the patients who are
in constant need of oxygen support. An emergency light is designed to be attached to the bed in the event of electricity breakdown.

 This feature provides extra helping hands to the patients without increasing the number of manpower. This ergonomic bed promotes the healing process to the patients while
keeping the optimum operating cost to the hospital. 

This is a good solution to bed-ridden patients either at home or at the hospital ward. With economies of scales, this bed can be produced at an affordable price for the
mass market use.


Intermediate, Manufacturing

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