First Date

Student Artwork  First Date


 First Date revolves around two strangers on a first date. The design concept was finalized after several researches and approvals by the team during discussion. In regards to the design concept of the characters, the idea was to integrate a sense of humanity and personality into the characters alongside knowing what to exaggerate and what to play down. Besides that, the characters were meant to connect well with the audience hence the character concepts play a major role in projecting a great sense of humour to draw the attention. The intention behind it was through the inspiration of Pixar characters.

In addition, the design concept of the environment as a retro style was meant to be bright and colourful in order to attract attention. It is not a norm to see couples dating in a soda fountain café in this modern era. The environment projects a cosy feeling among the audience to relate to the story well.

There were some issues and problems faced however they were all present during the preproduction stage of rigging, painting weight and several other issues. During the rigging, there was a major problem regarding Stacey which was her skirt. There were several try outs of different methods to enable the skirt to perform nicely through several actions, i.e. running, walking, squatting, sitting and jumping. It took some time to finally fix the problem using the paint weight tool. Regarding the painting weight process, Autodesk Maya made it greatly manageable as the tool was amazing in fixing the deformations during the character movements.

Overall, it was an amazing experience of designing the character and the environment that fits well. The audience, visual impact, exaggerated characteristics, colours and personalities of the characters were all taken into consideration during the build-up and fine tuning of the figures. The story will captivate the audience as a whole through the design concept and the storytelling portrayed by gestures instead of voicing dialogues. All in all, the moral of the story signifies a quote by Sam Keen who once said, “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”.



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