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My design theme is "compact living". After I made a study of foundation students at universities, they are in dire need of living space, which can reduce their daily expenses. Therefore, I have created a custom home of 36m² in size which I gladly called Boxy Bill. Everything is arranged in a neat and tiny box, including the student’s bills, literally speaking! Tiny but livable, minimal yet robust. The designed unit consists of few spaces which can be occupant-adjusted to carry out multiple functions and activities.

Troubleshooting is required to obtain information as much as possible about the item home building materials "compact living". Industrialized Building System is used for fast construction which involved large volume of modular units. Construction materials can be of lightweight materials, cheap yet good in quality and soundly durable. The steel roof truss is opted as it requires far less storage and assembles working area. Casting, cutting and jointing are done at factory and delivered to site fresh from the oven just in time for the erection of roof. For multiple units, this in turn would secure the budget to an affordable cost. Roof covering is of metal decking complete with insulation. The latter is needed as sleeping area is at upper level. The floor is of reinforced concrete, finish with ceramic tiles. The wall is of super-lightweight concrete panel with hollow infill. Sent at site and filled with concrete, wiring, assessories and furnishes.  Usually, a space which can be transformed to hold variety of functions has a rectangular footprint. Too narrow space will cramp up when furniture is incorporated. The design considers weather threat. However, the invention also able to help problem students financially and also had living quarters. The kitchenette is nestled along the way to back door. It consist of foldable laminated wood composite plank which can be used as a bar and fordable chairs which can be hanged to the wall if are not in use.

Revit software offers rooms of support to me. It helped me in saving time as many pre-loaded elements such as furniture, plants in included in the software. The weakness is lack of shortcut-key, as widely used in Autocad. So this is one room of improvement that Autodesk should consider to make it better.

Intermediate, Architecture

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