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 Bin is a 3D animation that is created by, Tan Chee Chong and Leong Weng Hong. The main purpose of creating this 3D animation is to bring up an issue and a solution for it. The issue is that people nowadays likes to litter everywhere. In a city, this is a very major problem. As litter can bring bacterial to the surrounding and post a threat to the people and community’s health. We also created a solution in our animation. The concept of this solution is by having a BIN in a city. Bin is an automated artificial intelligent robot that is also a rubbish bin, hence the name, BIN. Bin will detect litter around the city and make sure the city is clean and hygienic.

The other function of BIN is that, this AI will chase after people who litter on the street if they get to sense them with their sensor. The setting of this animation is in a City. Due to an individual, he had litter around the city street and even the dog fall down due to the banana skin that he threw on the floor. By using Autodesk Maya, We as a team was able to create the modelling for BIN, the dog, people, building and various small little accessories such as cars, litter and banana skin.

With the help of Mental Ray from Auto Desk, We are able to render our animation with lighting that looks more professional compare to the stock rendering plug-in that Autodesk Maya comes equip with. We had face problem rendering the scenes in the past, problem such as computer couldn’t render view or image file from mental ray. The solution for this problem that we face is still unknown. This result that we have to render with other computer. This brings a lot of inconveniences to us as a student.



Intermediate, Creative Media Design

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