Automatic Adjustable Solar System

Student Artwork  Automatic Adjustable Solar System


 Electrical energy is the energy that is essential to the inhabitants of the earth because of electrical energy between the main driving force of a substance. in the media or print often preached about the increase in electricity prices due to a lack of resources such as petroleum and coal, in Malaysia, the electricity is generated with fossil fuel resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, and hydropower. At present, about 60 percent of electricity is generated with natural resources. The rest use other sources such as oil, coal and hydropower.

  Natural gas reserves available in the country is believed to cater for up to 50-60 years, if its use is governed by preferably, petroleum resources are expected to meet the requirements for a period of 20-30 years. Other than that, we do not have a lot of coal resources system solar is important to reduce the burden of consumers in terms of spending money to pay electricity bills rising. But there are some problems regarding the solar system, among others, issues related to the use of solar energy is the willingness of different time cycles

 With change of night and the seasons. Because the Earth's orbit around the sun every day. To solve the above problems, the solar panel must be designed to receive maximum light intensity. For existing solar panel designed without any control system, a typical efficiency level need to be improved if it is to maximum heat intensity



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